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If there were 6 stars...

By Anonymous
January 12, 2022

Mr. Hemmel was my attorney for a case that would have devastated my life from a career and personal life standpoint. Even with my individual uncertainty, he didn't waiver from what he knew was appropriate within my case. Mr. Hemmel was patient, very knowledgeable, poised, and caring for me and my situation. I never felt like I was alone through the process and was always properly informed of all details.

I would most certainly trust Mr. Hemmel with any case as my defense counsel.

10 stars!

By Toni
September 30, 2021

Mr. Hemmel was stellar in this process for my husband. He went above and beyond through the entire process from start to finish, and truly fought for my husband that was critically injured in a car accident. Hands down, highly recommended. Will use Mr. Hemmel again without a doubt!

From a Client

By Daiva
August 25, 2021

I highly recommend Christopher Hemmel. I got a second DUI and of course was scared out of my mind. He is an amazing attorney. Christopher eased my mind about the whole process. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I am also very happy with the deal I got it. If I ever ( which I hope I don't ) get into any other trouble, Christopher is the one I will call on. Thank you so much for everything !


By Ranard
August 20, 2021

I had the pleasure of having Chris represent me as my attorney. I received a letter from Chris as many attorney’s sent to me. From the jump Chris has been easy to talk to and making me feel like he was the best option for me no questions asked. Chris always kept it straight with me and never had me worrying about my case. He has always been there any day/time I had any questions for him. This man is a beast hands down. He could tell I was a good person and just made a dumb mistake which he said from the beginning. He got all the charges dismissed that I needed for me to continue my employment. I was charged with the lowest tier dui. This man will fight and fight till the end for you! You will not regret choosing him.

Highly recommend

By Alexis
May 9, 2021

If you want a compassionate, direct, honest, thoroughly prepared lawyer who cares about his clients you want Chris Hemmel. Chris helped with my son's case to get the best outcome for the charges. He went above and beyond to assure we both felt comfortable in court. And supported us through the process.

Professional and Empathetic

By Ryan
May 6, 2021

Christopher Hemmel has been a big role in my journey to stability and freedom, not just in the judicial system but as a mentor for future endeavors. His strong determination to fight for his clients to provide the best outcome possible holds very true to my cases. He is reasonably priced and his value is substantial to what he brings to the table. I am forever grateful for this man and will continue my walk in this life humbled by the fact god and himself were able to give me this opportunity to be a better person.

Best possible outcome due to having the best lawyer

By Josh
November 21, 2019

I picked Christopher Hemmel to be my lawyer initially because he had a complete understanding of my case and seemed that he was truly willing to advocate for me. The amount in which he did so, was not just the fact that he cares, has a vast understanding of the law and an outstanding relationship with everyone in the justice center.

He also has an incredible ability to think on his feet.

During my sentencing the DA had dropped a surprising modification that not only Chris and myself were not aware nor prepared for, but the judge also was taken by surprise. The DA had tried to triple the amount of time for my sentencing without informing any of us.

Chris proceeded to take control of the situation; after he advocated for me in front of the court and discussed numerous facts about my case, he took a sidebar with the judge and ensured that I would not suffer what the DA had intended for me.

Grateful does not come close to how I felt in that moment I was truly speechless and in shock. I do not want to know where I would be without Christopher Hemmel, and can assure you that if you’re in need of a lawyer, that you don’t want to find out where you will be without Chris either.

Finally found an attorney I respect.

By Anonymous
March 1, 2019

Until I retained Chris Hemmel to represent me, I've never been inspired with quality of legal counsel I engaged for professional or personal matters. Cost was always a mystery and I never got a straight answer about hourly billing I asked as a client. Attorney Hemmel presented the cost of legal services the first day we met.

The cost was reasonable, reasonable, and throughout the course of my case did not deviate. There were no surprises and I respected that. Attorney Hemmel is a user friendly professional and well connected with district attorneys and prosecutors in Delaware County.

I was concerned and anxious about citations received for harassment in association with arguments with my neighbor. Options were discussed but during the hearing Attorney Hemmel convinced the District Attorney to dismiss all charges pending completion of an anger management course. I didn't agree that I was guilty in the first place but at the end of the day having charges dismissed was the best outcome. I feel Attorney Hemmel's manner and connection Delaware County Courts were cause for the success. I respect Attorney Hemmel as a legal professional and person and would not hesitate to retain again.

Highly recommended

By Karissa
February 28, 2019

I received numerous letters from many attorneys but Mr. Hemmel's was the one that stuck out to me. It was the only one that was not generic like the others. I decided to give him a call and discuss being a potential client. From the get-go Chris was kind and willing to fight for me to eliminate or lessen as many of the misdemeanor and summary offenses as possible. When I was worried about payment, he allowed me to go on a payment plan that was well within my budget. There was one instance where I had a family emergency that he even allowed me to postpone the payment. He was very understanding and courteous. Chris kept me informed during the entire legal process. I was prepared for the worst case scenario but it turns out that Mr. Hemmel was able to get all of my charges dismissed after a short time on probation and a handful of community service hours. I will be petitioning for expungement very soon and will again be hiring Mr. Hemmel. I have met lawyers before but none compare to Chris. He has a great personality, is very knowledgeable and will fight his hardest to get you the best possible outcome.

Great Service

By Edwin
January 24, 2019

First I would like to Thank You again for job well done. Knowing that after 30days I would have my clean record. GREAT JOB AND VERY PROFESIONAL.

Chris saved my life!

By Emma
November 7, 2017

I received a letter from Chris, and many other lawyers, after getting arrested for marijuana possession. Chris Hemmel's letter stuck out to me because it was the only letter I received that gave any indication of aiming to lessen the charges given to me. As this was my first time being arrested, I was very nervous that my whole life would be ruined if I was to be convicted. I made a few calls to lawyers but again, Chris was the only one who wanted to really fight the charges. Not only did he do that, but he helped keep me calm during the entire process. I ended up crying on multiple phone calls and he was there giving me the wisdom I needed. On the day of the trial, I was prepared for the absolute worst case scenario and thanks to Chris it turned out to be the best case scenario! My charges were dropped down to a summary offense of disorderly conduct, which immediately induced a wave of happy tears from me! Chris gave me amazing legal and life advice that I will surely never forget; he is so kind and knowledgeable and I am so grateful that he was able to take on my case and help put me on the right path.

Hire Chris Now!

By Anonymous
October 20, 2017

From day one, facing multiple felony charges, Chris reassured me that my outcome would be favorable and he delivered. After heavily researching and consulting with mulltiple criminal defense lawyers, I found Chris Hemmel to be most actionable and informative of the rest. Chris's expertise and years of experience in criminal law were instrumental in fully resovling my case. His rapport and reputation with the local court system validated that I had a strong reiable attorney who was willly to fight for me. His process was steamless which made the experience mostly effortless for me. A resolution was quickly devised and my case was dismissed. There are "talkers" who will take your money and do nothing, Chris is a "do-er" who will deliver the highest level of service resulting in the best outcome for your case!

High quality and professional

By Patrick
June 23, 2017

Christopher Hemmel represented me for my DUI case. I had consulted with many lawyers and chose Chris to represent me. He was not the most cost efficient on the market but was well worth the investment. Chris was always organized, focused, and quick to answer any of my questions. He is well connected into the legal community as I often saw him interacting with colleagues. More importantly he was professional and helped me resolve my charges. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone inquiring about his services.

Chris Hemmel Esq.. An Excellent Defense Attorney!

By George
June 21, 2016

Chris Hemmel Esq., is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He will fight for you from beginning to the end. He will explain the entire process, and work diligently to win your case, which he did for me. It was my first time ever having to deal with the Pennsylvania court system. I was nervous, scared, and at times very frustrated. But Chris was there every step of the way. He answered all of my questions, and explained the entire process in detail. I highly recommend Mr. Hemmel as your attorney, if you find yourself in need of one. He has been there for me, and I’m sure he will be there for anyone who is in need of his professional services.

Excellence in defense of one's life and livelihood.

By Kathleen of Bossy Pants
April 9, 2016

Chris was my lawyer in a life in jail versus freedom case. I could have lost my freedom, been jailed and then lost my career and the ability to practice in the future, after losing my ability to practice nursing. Chris was always available to me, answered innumerable questions, and the best, was always LISTENING.

I highly recommend Chirs

By Keith
February 15, 2016

When you want to win at anything, first you need to have your own resolve but this can be very difficult in trying and confusing times when facing legal issues. You just need to find a very competent lawyer ...enter Chris Hemmel. Chris was great from the very beginning. He said right away ..."we will win this and this is the plan". Along with his thorough planning I found that Chris also possesses an extremely vibrant personality that is extraordinarily engaging. This is very evident in his cordial demeanor with the court system personnel and overall atmosphere. I found Chris to be a very thorough lawyer and available to me for all my needs anytime I called. He made me feel I had a very good friend fighting for me. It was great to have him by my side and we still stay in touch. I would absolutely reach out to him again if needed and highly recommend him.

Great attorney

By Harvey
February 4, 2016

I have consulted with Mr. Hemmel to resolve a few criminal and traffic ticket issues. He always took as much time with me as I needed and never made me feel rushed. If I could fix the problem myself he was honest with me and would explain what I needed to do. If not he would take charge and resolve the problem. If I ever get into some trouble again I am going to give him a call.

Charles was charged with assault and other crimes because he was involved in a bar fight. The district attorney refused to work out any kind of negotiated solution, so we took the matter to trial.

The judge found Charles NOT GUILTY on the most serious charges, and only the most minor charges remained.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Christopher Hemmel,

I am writing to you today to thank you for the wonderful job you did handling my case. Not only did I receive the desired results in the verdict, but there are many other factors that add to my gratitude.

From the first minute that you were made aware of my case you treated me with respect and always made me feel as I was an important part of your caseload. Never did I feel as I was a burden to you when I would call you with questions or concerns regarding my case no matter how small or minor they were. You were kind, friendly caring and compassionate. I always had a deep sense that you were genuinely concerned for me and the outcome of my case. Furthermore, there is a desire and a love that you have for your work that is evident from initial consultation until the closing of the case.

In closing, please be assured that in the future if I or anyone I know has a need for first rate counsel, yours will be the first name that is mentioned.

Sincerely yours,

best delaware county dui lalwyer media pa


Deborah was charged with theft in Delaware County. She felt that the charges were unjustified. I explained to the attorneys for the Commonwealth that a theft had not occurred, but the county continued to prosecute her for theft. The Assistant District Attorney on the case offered to drop one of the charges, but still wanted Deborah to plead guilty to a remaining theft charge, which she was unwilling to do.

I filed a Motion to Quash, and wrote a lengthy brief for the judge, explaining why this case must be dismissed. The judge agreed with me, and all charges against Deborah were dismissed. Below is a letter from Deborah expressing her impressions of how I handled her case.

Dear Chris,

From the moment I hired you to represent me, I knew I had chosen the right attorney. The first thing I remember you saying to me was, "Stop worrying and let me do the worrying for you". You told me to call you at any time, day or night, whether I had-a question or a point to make, or if I just needed a little reassurance. So many times, I did just that. I was scared and needed to have you remind me again and again that it would all work out. Not only did I get the reassurance I needed, but you treated me like I was equally as important to you as all of your other clients. If you did not answer the phone right away, you always got back to me the same day. Never once did you leave me hanging. I felt that you were not only doing your job, but that you were in my corner every step of the way.

I learned not only that you love the law, but that you care about making your clients feel at ease and that they are worthwhile human beings who are not alone. You listened to me cry. You comforted me. You put me at ease and fought for me as if I were your top priority. You did not simply present my case. You spent hours upon hours, compiling case law after case law in order to make sure that we walked into that courtroom fully prepared for anything that might be thrown our way. You could have won this case by simply presenting the obvious; that this was not a criminal matter, but you went way above and beyond that and came ready with a mountain of ammunition. You gave a compelling speech, which lasted longer than forty five minutes. You showed in that courtroom that you were not only well versed in the law, but that you were ready and willing to fight to see it upheld.

You did not let me back down and accept any plea bargains. You would only allow me to accept what was rightfully mine; a full dismissal of all charges. You believed in me and made me believe in myself. You taught me to fight and stick it out to the end when I'm in the right. You made me hold my head up high.

It is not the fact that you won this case for me, but rather the way that you won it. You went well above and beyond anything I had hoped for in the way you fought for me and made me feel about myself. I am grateful that my case was won, but even more grateful to have met a man who cares about his career and his clients the way you do.

Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart.

best Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney media deborah

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About Christopher Hemmel

Christopher Hemmel has been a licensed attorney since 1992. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Eastern University in Saint Davids, Pennsylvania and earned his law degree from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. He practices exclusively in the field of criminal law and DUI law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.